All S.G. Frantz Laboratory Separators utilize the same electromagnet and support system. This allows for conversion between any two models, providing users with a much lower cost of ownership/operation.


Our Model L-1 and LB-1 Magnetic Separators utilize either paramagnetic or diamagnetic properties to separate dry granular materials (unlike conventional magnetic separators, which attract particles to collecting surfaces and cannot exploit diamagnetic susceptibilities for purposes of separation). These units are ideal for mineral investigation in top geological and mineralogical labs the world over for:

  • Geological investigation by USGS and GSC
  • Geochronology by well-respected universities
  • Diamagnetic Separations by producers of ground quartz, synthetic diamonds, etc. for quality control

Model L-1 Isodynamic® Laboratory Separator

The Frantz Isodynamic® Separator (Model L-1), used in virtually all of the geological laboratories of the world, was designed for the separation of mineral samples in dry form. It utilizes an electromagnet to separate according to magnetic susceptibility.

The L-1 offers two distinct operating modes. The freefall mode of operation processes materials rapidly, producing a coarse magnetic separation. The inclined chute mode of operation processes materials at slower feed rates, producing more sensitive separation. By orienting the magnetic system and the chute, the desired relationship between magnetic and gravitational force can be controlled. For 75 years, this unique separator was the only device capable of sensitive separations according to slight differences in magnetic susceptibility.

Model LB-1 Frantz Magnetic Barrier Laboratory Separators

In 1980, after continued research and improvements to the Model L-1, the first S.G. Frantz Magnetic Barrier Laboratory Separator (Model LB-1) was released for those mineral investigators who needed more sensitive separation. The unit provides more than 3.5 times the magnetic separating force of the original Isodynamic® Separator (see S.G. Frantz Model L-1 above). It has become an increasingly popular alternative to the L-1, replacing it at leading laboratories here and abroad.

One of the unique features of the LB-1 is that users can observe the actual separation. Thanks to its design, the separating region is not hidden by the equipment.



Among the many benefits of our Laboratory Separators are:

Visible Processing – In our LB-1, the material is visible as it enters the magnetic field and undergoes separation, allowing for more immediate process analysis, feedback and adjustment.

Broad Applications – The LB-1 is vastly improved to allow sensitive separations and to allow a broader range of materials to be separated.

Improved Processing Speed – Since particle feed and transport systems of the LB-1 are totally independent with separate controls, users can achieve superior sensitivity with a significantly reduced processing time.


Model L-1CN Magnetic Separators

S.G. Frantz Canister Separator (Model L-1CN) is a bench-top high-gradient, high-intensity canister-style magnetic separator used for processing liquid suspensions of fine particles. Because the magnetic gap inside the L-1CN is narrow, the number of ampere-turns required is substantially less than in other designs. In addition, the L-1CN is one of the more cost-effective options, as it is easily converted from either a Model L-1 or LB-1.


Model LFC-3 Low-Field Control

Our LFC-3 Low-Field Control is an accessory connected to the coil circuit of either the model LB-1 or L-1 that allows for:

  • Reversing the current direction of the separator to overcome the residual magnetism of the magnet itself
  • Sensing a near-zero field condition in the separator’s working space
  • Adjusting and monitoring the current from 0 to 100 milliamperes
  • Pulsing the current at selected frequencies between 3 and 30 hertz and amplitude from 0 to 90 milliamperes to break ferromagnetic particle chains

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