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Founded in 1935

S.G. Frantz was founded in 1935 by Samuel G. Frantz. From the beginning, we have followed his example and philosophy, taking pride in our record and reputation for delivering reliable magnetic separators that exceed expectations.

S G Frantz

Early Electromagnetic Separator Applications

Our principal products were developed for the ceramic industry by Samuel himself. His patented inventions included solenoidal high-gradient Electromagnetic Separators for removing fine ferromagnetic particles from fluids and dry materials; Permanent Magnet Separators similar in design (both sold under the trademark FerroFilter®); and a Laboratory Separator for separating components of samples of minerals according to susceptibility (sold under the trademark Isodynamic®).

From this original industry focus, markets were expanded to include applications for purifying:

  • Pigments
  • Foods
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical products

The FerroFilter® lines became the established standards for such applications in nearly all industrialized countries, with the Isodynamic® Separator used in virtually every leading mineralogical laboratory in the world by 1971.

Varied Industry Applications

During the last years of his life, Frantz worked with a major kaolin producer to develop a method for removing fine paramagnetic contaminating particles from the product to improve its brightness and whiteness. The result of these efforts is the large, high-intensity, high-gradient Magnetic Separators still used in the industry today.

Also around this time, the company’s lines of FerroFilter® Electromagnetic Separators for processing fluids were substantially expanded by:

  • Increasing processing capacity
  • Increasing unit pressure
  • Adding ASME code pressure vessels (to some models)
  • Adding models with 2,500 gauss background field (Series F2)

In addition, we modified our line of FerroFilter® Electromagnetic Separators to improve dry materials processing and better serve:

  • Applications requiring clean conditions (such as pharmaceutical products)
  • High product temperatures
  • Large-scale production with automated operating and cleaning cycles
  • More recently, units have been designed to utilize rare earth magnets for processing wet materials

In 1972, S.G. Frantz launched a highly successful initiative to develop products for the mineralogical industry. The result was the patented Barrier Separator (Model LB-1), which provides magnetic energy gradient/force on particles of a given susceptibility. By applying more than three times the force of the Isodynamic® Separator, the Barrier Separator can separate minerals with much weaker susceptibilities. This specialized unit has allowed for:

  • Improvements in particle feed and travel systems
  • Improvements in the quality of separations
  • Reductions in processing times

Beginning with highly effective applications at U.S. Geological Survey agencies (NIST), the Barrier is now used in many mineralogical facilities worldwide.

An accessory device (Model LFC-3 Low Field Control) has also been developed for use with either the Isodynamic® or the Barrier Separator to give them the capability of separating ferromagnetic materials according to differences in their magnetic properties, a separation that Frantz considered more difficult than any other.



Research and development are ongoing processes at S.G. Frantz, with continuous efforts yielding:

  • Improvements to both industrial and laboratory equipment
  • Enhanced separations
  • New applications (a patent for “Method and Apparatus for Making Continuous Magnetic Separations” discloses principles underlying new equipment development)

Applications for the industrial units have broadened with uses in the chemical, food, pigment, paint, and other processing industries expanding into many new areas (such as ink producers, who have come to depend on Frantz industrial Magnetic Separators).


Over the years, we have become an established leader in many challenging areas of specialization. For example, our Isodynamic® Separator is universally recognized as the reference standard for geological and mineralogical laboratories worldwide (although it has recently become supplanted by the more effective Frantz Magnetic Barrier Laboratory Separator). Following are just a few key points regarding our unique approach:

  • A singular >specialization in paramagnetic, diamagnetic, and ferromagnetic separation
  • Proven high-temperature, pressure, corrosive, and hazardous environmental solutions
  • Proprietary matrix element grid optimized according to each application
  • Gravity, underfeed, and pipeline models

Engineers, researchers, and quality control administrators worldwide turn to S.G. Frantz for our proven magnetic separation solutions.


Our mission has always been to provide high-performance magnetic separators for the most diverse industrial applications and environments. We are able to realize this mission by adhering to a detailed QA process and individual customer service practices.

Whatever the situation, our customers can rest assured that we will manufacture a custom magnetic separation solution with a swift on-time turnaround, competitive pricing, and comprehensive quality control.

Contact us today to learn more about S.G. Frantz or any of our Electromagnetic, Permanent Magnet, and/or Laboratory Separators.