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Welcome to the S.G. Frantz web site. Let us provide solutions to your magnetic separation needs.

for industrial processing of liquids, slurries, gases, dry granular materials and powders.

At the heart of industrial magnetic separators are collecting elements placed in background fields provided by permanent magnets or electromagnets. Magnetic particles are held on collecting elements until they are cleaned off.

S. G. Frantz Co. Inc. offers:

  • Over 65 years experience in successful removal of fine magnetic particles from liquids, slurries, gases, dry granular materials and powders
  • Unexcelled equipment quality and reliability
    30 year+ equipment life is not unusual
  • Economical moderate magnetic background fields through 20 Kilogauss
  • Proprietary and conventional collecting elements matched to wet and dry processing conditions for optimum separation efficiency

Frantz® Magnetic Barrier
Laboratory Separator


Magnetic Separator

Frantz® Canister Separator

S. G. Frantz Co. Inc. offers laboratory separators and auxiliary equipment for:

  • Continuous precise magnetic separation of dry materials by either paramagnetic or diamagnetic susceptibility, also by ferromagnetic properties
  • Bench scale high intensity, high gradient matrix separations of fluids and slurries

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